Photograph of the QE2 Marina.

About Nest

Nest has been established to provide a simple method of wireless Internet connection for small communities such as marinas, but it isn't just boat owners that can benefit. For people on the move with a WiFi enabled phone, tablet or laptop, working from your car for business or pleasure, wireless Internet is available to anyone who is within one of our areas of wireless.

Nest Webcams

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How It Works

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Just like your home or office Internet this system connects to the outside world through a service provider, we use both the services of Guernsey Net and Sure. If you have a wireless connection at home or business then you will be using similar technology to our wireless service. This means a stable connection is important to obtaining a good service.

Location It Works In

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The first Nest Wireless system is already well established at the QE2 marina Guernsey offering services to boat owners, homes and car users in the area of North Beach and also the Salerie and Les Banques. In addition the areas of St. Sampsons and the Bridge, Vale Mill and Victoria and Albert Marina plus The Market in town are also available to users - look out for the name NEST Wireless and connect.


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Our service is free, to achieve that it is necessary to keep administration and all other overheads equally low. We also use the services of Google Adsense to provide some income by way of advertising and also take direct advertising. Please email us for advertising info or any other matter. Please also view our conditions of use before using the system. We encourage our users to view and give their custom to our advertisers, for without them the service would not be free.

How To Connect

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 Please read the conditions of use before connecting to Nest.

In order to keep the system as simple as possible, complex log ins have been avoided, simply connect, open a web browser and click on the free internet button. Most modern laptops and smart devises have wireless built in so will probably find and connect to the first available AP (access point) automatically, just ensure that this is a Nest Wireless system. Other laptops may have slightly different software for finding wireless connections but the basic principles are much the same. If you are having difficulties connecting to our system, contact us via our problem reporting form. More details on how it works here

Using E-Mail

No changes need to be made to your email software settings (such as Outlook, Outlook Express) as the Nest system will reroute them automatically via our Service provider. For enhanced security you may wish to use your provider's secure web based email system. You will need to contact your provider if you require any assistance with these web based email facilities as they are outside our control.