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What is Nest all about?

Free Internet is Nest Wireless.

Internet for £NOTHING! Must be some catch? OK there is because it is only available to the lucky few who are within a Nest Wireless activated area. Nest is different as the service is delivered by wireless offering internet in selected areas without the need for a phone line.

How does Nest make a living off a free service. The simple answer is we don't. Google adsense and direct advertising gives us a small income, the balance is made up by the owner from his personal bank account for the good of the island. We also have a facility for people to contribute to the service - go to the webcam page and look for the support section at the bottom of that page.

Internet services that are fed by wires restrict use to your home or office, but with Nest we can deliver the world wide web to any of the Nest activated areas. For example you can use Nest on The Front in Town and when on The Bridge sign in and continue to use the internet again.

Due to the nature of radio the service is restricted to the areas detailed below. Nest can be used for work or pleasure and you don't have to wait weeks for activation, if fact you could be up and running in minutes. Simply connect to any Nest wireless AP then open your browser. Click on the FREE INTERNET button and when the next page appears enter your desired URL into the address bar and the world wide web is there for you to use at no charge.



Firstly you need a computer with wireless capability. To connect look for the Nest Wireless SSID in your wireless list, if you have a reasonable signal the chances are you will be able to use the service. To test it out make a wireless connection then open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or our recommend browser Chrome) and type in www.nest.gg. If you have a connection this will display the Nest home page, you don't need to make a payment to access this site. Finally Nest is a free service so please don't moan at us if it does not work as well or as fast as you would wish. For faults please email nest@guernsey.net

Nest is available in the following areas:

QE2 Marina, North beach car park, road front homes and premises

Salerie car park, homes and premises near Les Banques sea front
Victoria Marina, The Front, Albert and Crown pier car parks
St Sampson Marina, The Bridge and sea front houses
Vale Mill south area to Belval Road and Bordeaux
Markets Town

Don't be tied to wires, connect to Nest for hassle free internet

conditions of use

code of practice

Should you need additional help then email nest@guernsey.net