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5th May 2023

It is with deep regret that Nest announces that their Webcam service has ceased.

Due to technical problems that started on the 2nd May, we took a serious look at what we had to offer and what we should really be offering in the future, at this stage we realised that the current system was no longer fit for purpose.

Nest started over 17 years ago to supply internet services to Guernsey Marinas and webcams were subsequently added.

The Webcams started with just one at the QE2 and soon spread to other parts of the Island, with around 25 cameras at its peak.

The target audience soon proved to be tourists and the travelling public.

Event Webcams were introduced later to give those who were housebound or in different parts of the world an opportunity to view some of the Island special events, such as Liberation Day, Agricultural shows, Pink Ladies Walk, Chaos, island motor sport events and so many more. At one stage we were deploying event cameras every weekend showing off the Island at its best.

At its peak Nest had 10,000 hits in one day, with the average of around 2,000 per day, but times have moved on and the interest Nest once generated is no longer there, and our hits are now around 400 per day.

An aging infrastructure, combined with an aging proprietor has led to this difficult decision. What was once a fun hobby has in more recent times become a technological struggle to keep the aging equipment operational in a modern era.

In early 2000 the service was a relatively simple concept and easy to operate, but times change and so do expectations of the viewing public. Our cameras only ever uploaded still images every second or so, but nowadays, one expects high quality real-time streaming video. This sadly is simply not possible with the design architecture of the webcams and connected systems.

When a mobile phone in your pocket can produce streaming video images of far higher quality, compared to that of a Nest webcam image, it shows the true age of the equipment and how far technology has moved on.

When Nest webcams was first established the investment was in the thousands of pounds, however to update to an HD service the cost would be prohibitive. In particular since the original service was paid for out of the proprietor’s own funds, and any subsequent funding would come from the same source is is no longer financially sensible.

We are very grateful to our supporters from those who contributed via the support page to those who took advertising space and thus help to offset the annual running costs.  In particular we owe a great debt to all the property owners who allowed our cameras to be attached to their buildings and to Sure whose generous server support allowed the service to become a reality

The proprietor, no longer has the time to devote to keeping this free service alive and wanting more free time is wishing to use his talents to focus on his current business interests that have funded Nest for many years.

3rd May 2023  Due to technical issues with the Nest Webcam server we have lost all webcam images.  At the moment we are considering how best to proceed, it is likely the service will close down - more information will follow over the next few days. 

30th October 2022  The team went to Vazon to see about fixing the webcam today.  They were able to access the equipment except for the camera. At the easy end all was OK so it looks like it is the camera end that needs looking at.  That of course is the harder part to access and will require good weather too.

28tht October 2022 We have only just noticed having been advised by one of our viewers that the Vazon webcam stopped some time ago.  We paid a visit to the site this morning but were unable to gain access to the IP units.  When access is better we shall return

27th October 2022 Sadly the Market webcam has stopped again.  It worked for a couple days.  Our diagnostics show it doesn't have an internet connection anymore.  We have asked the Market people to see what has gone wrong and look to fix the service. 

24th October 2022  The Market webcam is back and working again. We had lost the internet service at the Markets.  Now the landlords have reconnected the service and all is working again.  There is only one camera now as they had asked last year for the other camera to be removed

15th August 2022 We have the replacement router for St Sampson and got it fitted this morning.  However as usual that isn't all as we then had a power supply go faulty.  So after sourcing a new PSU the webcams are now working again.

8th August 2022 PM   Following a visit to the Bridge and found that the webcams are all fine but the Sure Router isn't. When we get a replacement then all should be well.

8th August 2022  We are aware that the webcams at St Sampson are not providing any images.  Remote tests have not been conclusive and we are also not able to fix it remotely so a site visit will be needed.

11th July 2022  The camera that was sited at the Aurigny office in Alderney has broken.  It is in many pieces.  We are advised that Aurigny are moving out of the office thus there is no other location to mount the webcam.  It has been removed and sad to say will not be replaced.

23rd January 2022 It has been noted that a number of other webcams have stopped today.  This is due to the server locking up.  We have fixed that fault too. 

23rd January 2022  Good news, the Airport Taxi Rank camera is up and running again.  The team had been very busy over the past few weeks and had initially thought the camera would require replacing.  Today we attended at the airport and were able to make repairs.

19th January 2022  Time for an update on the webcams

The Airport Taxi webcam stopped updating a couple of weeks ago.  Initial investigations suggest it is the camera that is at fault.  We do need more time though to look at it and be sure before spending on a new webcam.

Market 1 camera needs an internet service.  This has historically been supplied by the Market operators but seems to have ceased.  We have no further information and the matter is in their hands to resolve.

Market 2 The Market operators asked for it to be removed.  There is little chance of it going back.

Les Banques This was removed as it kept on getting damaged.  Once again there is little chance if it going back.

Grandes Rocques The Bistro to which the camera is attached is no longer operating so the camera doesn't have any power or internet.  It too is unlikely to come back.

Airport Apron 2 This webcam stopped a short while ago and we have yet to investigate the problem.

7th December 2021 It all seemed to be going so well and then the Markets webcam  stopped again.  We hope the markets team can resolve their internet issues.

6th December 2021 Glad to say the Markets have solved their internet problem and have got the market square webcam operational again.  Thanks to Tony for his hard work.  Just in time for Christmas and luckily it does give us a partial view of the tree even though we have only one camera to look at the square.

26th November 2021  The webcam site stopped this morning at around 0939. No idea what has happened.  We are investigating.

17th November 2021 Update on Nest Webcams status:

Markets - The webcam has lost internet service.  We await the markets   to fix the issue.

Boatworks Fueling - The camera appears to be disconnected.  We know they have building works going on. 

Apron (Guernsey Airport) - Webcam has for some time only been doing fast updates and not the slow updates.  We don't know why.

Alderney Apron - The webcam has stopped.  We have asked someone in Alderney to see if it is unplugged.

6th November 2021 Many webcams offline - we are investigating

5th November 2021 After a long time off line we have finally got the L'Ancresse webcam working again. 

4th November 2021 The Market camera  has come back alive..  We assume the markets have solved their internet issue.

26th October 2021 The Market webcam stopped again a few days ago.  Our tests seem to show that  they again have no internet.  We have reported our findings to them and await the outcome.

22nd September 2021 We attended the webcam in main harbour today.  There are building works going on in the workshops that supply the power and intenet service which is probably why the camera has stopped.  I am waiting for the builders to give me more information.

21st September 2021 Today the team attended the Markets to look at the webcams that are not working and see if there is another way of getting an internet service.  We had also been asked to remove one of the cameras by the Market operators and this has been done.  It is possible that we have found a way of providing an internet service for the webcams.  Give us a few days to make some further adjustments to the system and with luck it may come alive later in the week

20th September 2021  The market operators have not had any success in getting an internet service for us so we propose to return and see what other options are available. 

15th September 2021 We met up with the facilities manager at the Markets today who was most helpful.  The fault is their internet router which they are going to replace.  Once a new one is fitted the webcams should come back to life

23rd August 2021 The Elizabeth College webcam has come back to life.  We assume they have fixed their network problem.

21st August 2021 Great success, the internet service at St Sampson has been restored 

1st September 2021  The webcam looking at the fueling station in the main harbour stopped at 1940 this evening.  We cannot see an obvious fault from our end so will need to investigate further 

16th August 2021 Still no response from our internet provider so another letter has gone off today about St Sampson.

15th August 2021  For the first time since we started deploying Event Webcams we are unable to bring images from the West Show. as they don't have any broadband service at the show this year.

12th August 2021 We still have no internet service for St Sampson.  I have written to the internet provider again today asking they reconnect us.

11th August 2021 The internet service for St Sampson still has not been reconnected so I have written to the provider asking them to resolve the matter without delay.

7th August 2021  Having spent a number of hours at the St Sampson site conducting tests and changing equipment we have concluded that the fault is with the internet provider.  The fault has been lodged with them to fix

1st August 2021 St Sampson camera stopped, we have no idea why and are investigating.

1 July 2021 All the webcams stopped this morning at 0750.  It is looking like a server issue.  We are doing what we can to resolve the problem. :(

20th June 2021   Vazon webcam - Good news. After a bit of a search in the broken box we found an old dead camera with a good glass dome.  This has been fitted and the image much improved 😊

19th June 2021 We went to Vazon to clean the webcam today.  Sorry to say the webcam isn't dirty as expected. The dome glass or more correctly the plastic is badly tarnished probably due to wind salt and sun.  However it has been cleaned anyway. 

Unfortunately that make of camera is no longer made so no spares and no replacement. Whilst there are other makes only a few are suited to the way we operate the webcam service and none suit the needs as well as this make taking into account location and type of fitting

19th June 2021 The webcam sever stopped this morning at around 1019.  It is now sorted after a stiff talking to. 

17th June 2021 Nest is glad to announce that the much missed Victoria Marina webcam is back and living again.  Following the help of Creaseys their IT experts and Vision Networks they have established a new internet connection to get the images to your screen.

12th June 2021 We have got the Cup and Saucer webcam back on your screens.  The home owner had changed their router and the connection details were different - all now sorted 

10th May 2021 The webcam at harbour terminal is now working again.  We finally gained access today to find that someone had turned the camera off ! ! 

9th May 2021 Liberation day in Guernsey.  12noon to 1600hrs We have setup an eventcam on the Cobo coast road to allow those at home to view the cavalcade of WW2 vehicles

13th April 2021 The webcam server is up and running again.  There was an issue with an excess of old files being stored, some 1.7million in fact.  This took some time to clear out 

12th April 2021  Sorry to say that the webcams have stopped again.  It is looking very much like a server issue once more.  We are looking into the problem.

7th April 2021 0912 Those webcams that had stopped due to a server issue are now alive again 

7th April 2021 Sorry to report that we have an issue that is affecting all the webcams.  It looks like a server problem and we are investigating

9th March 2021 On the last occasion we had lockdown about 12 months ago we found many sites are either not open or have power/internet turned off, much the same has applied this time

It had been a hard task to get some cameras alive again after the last lockdown and we face similar issues now.  Some cameras never got sorted and they therefore remain off still, a number of which will never come back we are sad to say.  Many sites shall stay as they are for the task is becoming too challenging.  Here is the latest list:

Elizabeth College  - Camera has come back alive.  We think they restored the power 

Market 1 and Market 2 - Will remain off until the markets restore their internet.  We suspect that as they are not responding to us they no longer wish to have the service. This applies to the free WIFI  service for the Markets too.

Victoria Marina - The site owners had organised a new internet service for us.  This required some configuration but lockdown got in the way.

Boatworks Fueling - All OK 

Harbour Terminal - All OK

QE2 Marina - All OK 

Les Banques - Camera permanently removed following physical damage to the camera

The Track - Premises closed 

The Bridge - All OK

St Sampson Marina - Requires access to site 

Beaucette Marina - Camera works OK but something has knocked it and the angle is a bit dodgy.  When we are allowed to attend then it will be sorted

L'Ancresse - Webcam off.  We are asking the golf club to see if the power can be restored 

Grandes Rocques - Permanently off as the premises have closed down 

Vazon Bay - All OK 

Cup and Saucer -  Permanently off 

Imperial Hotel - All OK

Alderney Apron - All OK

Airport Taxi Rank - All OK 

Airport Apron - All OK

Airport Apron 2 - All OK 

23rd January 2021 Guernsey in Covid lockdown for the second time 

17th January 2021 We notice that the Elizabeth College webcam has come back to life.  Looks like they have turned the power back on but sadly there is something in the view.  A message is to be sent to see if they can remove whatever it is.   

15th November 2020 Imperial webcam is now operational again.  They had made changes to there internet service that required modifications to our webcam. 

7th November 2020  The Boatworks Fueling camera is now working again.  We had to do a complete strip down source new parts and rebuild as the housing was badly corroded.   

The Markets - They are not responding to us so we can assume that they won't be fixing the internet.  Sadly we have to abandon the cameras 

5th October 2020 A number of webcams are offline, here are the details: 

Market 1 The market internet is no longer available we await their repair

Market 2 The market internet is no longer available we await their repair

Victoria Marina They are trying to supply a new more reliable internet feed 

Les Banques The webcam is physically damaged and requires a new unit 

The Track Webcam needs a repower 

St Samspson Marina Difficulties in gaining access to premises 

L'Ancresse We are looking into the fault 

Grandes Rocques The bistro is now closed and power is off

Cup and Saucer  Difficulties in gaining access to premises 

Imperial They have changed their internet settings thus blocking the uploads

27th August 2020 The two webcams at the Markets have stopped.  Initial investigations suggest their internet service has failed. 

5th August 2020 Update 1400hrs.  Some more cameras have now come back alive. L'Ancresse was remote repowered. The Vazon Bay just needed a repower and the Boatworks Fueling had been disconnected. Market 2 required a repower. Victoria is rather strange as we can see live images on the engineering site but not on the public site.  Grandes Rocques Bistro appears to be permanently closed.

5th August 2020 We have a number of webcams offline and are investigating what can be done to fix them.  The list is as follows

Elizabeth College - School may be on holiday and power turned off

Market 2 - Investigating

Victoria Marina - Investigating

Boatworks Fueling - Requires a site visit

The Track - Emailing site to ask them to check the webcam

St Samposn Marina - Needs site visit 

L'Ancresse - Investigating

Grandes Rocques - Needs a site visit 

Vazon Bay - Investigating

Cup and Saucer - Awaiting to gain access to site 

24th July 2020 A number of webcams are not updating on the website.  We think the issue may be the server and are investigating.

14th July 2020 The Nest webcam site has been tidied up.  We had a number of locations that we were keeping our fingers crossed would become available to us again or  internet be restored.  However this hasn't been the case for some years now and we think it best to clean up the site so that it looks better and is easier to navigate.  If the new fresh site does not appear hit F5 or do a refresh

10th July 2020 1130 hrs  Webcams have started to work again without our intervention - a mystery

10th July 2020 As of 0925 this morning some webcams are failing to update on standard slow updates but are working fine on fast updates.  We don't know why so are looking into it. 

30th June 2020  We are slowly getting all those webcams that stopped over the Covid19 lockdown period back up and running again:

Elizabeth College - OK

Market 1 - OK

Market 2 - Intermittent connection issue with the premises network

Victoria Marina - OK

Boatworks Fueling - OK  Although the housing will require replacing soon 

Harbour Terminal - OK

The Front - Needs an internet feed 

Liberation Monument - Needs an internet feed 

Weighbridge Taxi Rank - Needs a new location with power and internet 

Town Roundabout - needs new location with power and internet

QE2 Marina - OK

Les Banques - repaired today just needed turning off and on again

The Track - OK

The Bridge - OK

St Sampson Marina - We need to be able to gain access to the webcam

Beaucette Marina - OK

L'Ancresse - OK

Grandes Rocques - unable to gain access to premises as building is closed 

Vazon Bay - OK

Cup and Saucer - We need to gain access to premises to repair

Imperial Hotel - Intermittently stops.  Suspect issue with their network 

Airport West - Permanently removed due to  neighbour complaints 

Airport Apron - OK

Airport Apron 2 - OK

Airport Taxi Rank - OK 

Alderney Apron - Webcam has stopped.  It is being checked

Alderney Harbour - Camera permanently removed see story 25th June 

25th June 2020  The team went to Alderney to look at the faulty Harbour webcam.  Sadly the camera was found on the ground, the mounting bracket having broken.  The unit was wrecked and thus we could not repair it.  Given that there is a very good camera at Mainbrayce with great images  iplive.com/53f3477a8ff5f  we don't propose to replace the Nest webcam.

3rd May 2020 Covid19 restrictions still continue.  Whilst there has been some relaxation to the rules they are not sufficient for us to attend the webcams, so sad to say many stay offline.

2nd May 2020 A new Wildlife webcam has been fitted.  This has gone up in an easily to access location without need to break and regulations.  We believe there are some baby birds in the nesting box and keeping our fingers crossed you may see them fly away.  Whilst watching please do click and follow the Google adverts as we get a small income each time you look.  Even though the sum can be only a penny or two it all adds up and  that allows us to offset the costs of the webcam system.

21st April 2020  The supply, installation and running costs of the Nest webcam system is mainly funded by Links Communications with in recent years an offset from advertising.  Since Covid19 we have all had to tighten our financial belts.  For the moment I propose to keep funding the service but ultimately it may have to stop.  To assist the depleted finances please click though to the various adverting as that income can help us retain the service.

20th April 2020  Due to isolation regulations  we are unable to attend to any cameras that have failed.  We think in most cases that the power has been turned off because we cannot remote in as most premises are not occupied during this period.  When life returns to normal we hope they will restart. 

24th March 2020 Guernsey in lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic.

26th November 2019  Our plans for the Weighbridge and Front webcams have been put on hold as work is being done to the clock tower building. Grandes Rocques has gone off line, remote tests show the site does not have an internet connection to the camera, we await their response.

12th November 2019  The team attended Beaucette today and replaced the old camera and housing . Wind, rain and salt had corroded the camera case allowing water in.  A new camera and case has been fitted so we hope will last a few more years.  Whilst at that end of the island we looked at the Bridge camera and got that working again.  Basically we are there with only the Alderney cam to do in the summer - phew

1st November 2019 We are making progress at last.  Alexander has prepared and programmed a new devise for Victoria and fitted it today.  That webcam is now working again. So we have just The Bridge and Alderney Harbour to fix. 

30th October 2019 Beaucette Marina offices have intermittent mains power issues affecting the Webcam.  Their electricians are looking into the fault.

22nd October 2019  The team attended Victoria webcam today.  The fault is not a simple one to fix.  One of the island powercuts has damaged beyond repair one of the ftp upload communication devices.  We now need to source a new item, configure and reinstall - this will all take some time.

18th October 2019 Market 1 and Market 2 webcams have been fixed.  When we attended the site we found the area including the camera equipment boxes had been power washed.  The box had a considerable amount of water in and that caused some equipment to blow.   It was also highly dangerous as the box houses the mains for the site. 

16th October 2019 The island had another powercut this evening.  Just when we had nearly all the cameras working with one only to fix we now find we have gone backwards and have 7 to fix.  This will take some time.

12th October 2019 We attended the Airport and sorted the focus on the Apron 2 webcam.  The second Apron cam has a network issue, we have notified them about this and hope it will be sorted next week

11th October 2019 1550hrs  The powercut took out the Airport Taxi Rank camera that is now fixed. Market 2 was sorted this morning.

11th October 2019  No sooner do we get most of the camera going then we get a powercut and go backwards 3 places. Most webcams that failed during the powercut have restarted but a few ore offline.  Here is the latest list:

Market 2 - This stopped a few days ago and will need a site visit, it is low priority as we have a second camera same site with similar view

The Front and Liberation Monument - New equipment is being setup to get a connection to the internet. 

Victoria Marina - Stopped a few days ago. Will need a site visit

Cup and Saucer - Now working again

Airport Apron 1 - We have reconfigured and it is alive although needs a focus

Airport Apron 2 - Reconfigured but not yet alive 

Airport Taxi Rank - Stopped we don't know why 

Alderney Harbour - Needs a trip to Alderney to fix so may be a long time before we get there

10th October 2019 Webcam site has stopped.  We have made some changes to the setup and it is now working again

23rd September 2019  Alexander and Luke from Vision Networks attended the Imperial Hotel and reconfigured the webcam, that is now up and running.  Another camera knocked off the list with four to go.  We also notice that Elizabeth College has come back to life - without any intervention from us.

20th September 2019 Plans are in hand to try and get The Front and Liberation Monument cameras alive again.  With some great help from Herm Trident they may live again, but it will take some time to fit new equipment and configure so please stick with us.

19th September 2019 Luke from Vision Networks has been working hard all day today to fix some of the cameras.  He has been successful in getting Beaucette, The Bridge, St Sampson and Harbour Terminal cameras up and running again.  The Track has also come alive again thanks to the guys at Karting Guernsey.

18 September 2019 The Grandes Rocques webcam has now been repowered and back on the site. 

17th September 2019 The webcam looking at Victoria marina has been fixed.  A very busy schedule of other work has slowed down the process of fixing the other webcams.  They are on the list though.  Two cameras went off over the past few days (The Track and Grandes Rocques) , we are hoping a remote repower will fix them

11th September 2019 We have managed to get eleven of our webcams working.   A large number have not come back alive since the new server came into use. The issue appears to be a setup problem which requires us to visit each camera and re configure it.  This will take some time, so please stick with us during this big task.  Below is a list of the cameras not working and the relevant issue:

Elizabeth College - requires reconfigure.  Site visit will be arranged

Market 2- Seems to stop during the night. Site visit is needed

Victoria - Was working now has stopped.  will try to fix remotely

Harbour Terminal - requires reconfigure.  Site visit is required

Liberation Monument - needs an internet feed.  Awaiting a sponsor

The Front - needs internet feed.  Awaiting sponsor 

Weighbridge Taxi Rank - requires new location 

Town Roundabout - needs an internet feed.  Awaiting a sponsor

The Bridge - requires attention. Site visit required

St Sampson - requires attention .Site visit required

Beaucette - requires reconfigure.  Site visit required

Cup and Saucer - requires reconfigure. Site visit required

Imperial Hotel - requires reconfigure.  Site visit required

Airport Apron - requires reconfigure. Site visit required

Airport Apron 2 - requires reconfigure.  Site visit required

Alderney Harbour - May need reconfigure.  Site visit required

10th September 2019 1230  A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL .  Thank you to Sure and Mike for organising the new sever.  Thanks to Alexander from Vision Networks for learning a new system and putting it all together.  Thank you to all those people and locations who host the cameras and finally to those who have waited so long for them to come back.

10th September 2019  GOOD NEWS - The Webcams are Back.  The new Sure server is up and running and most cameras have come back.  Those that haven't we are in the process of investigating, this is a lengthy task so will take some while to resolve.

6th September 2019  Alexander has done well in learning a new system and  has completed the built for the new server,.  Sure are looking for a redesign of the Webcam page which we hope to get the details next week.  After that has been uploaded they will need to move the DNS to the new IP and we should be all up and running.

2nd September 2019  Some good news to report.  Sure have given us details of the virtual server and we are now building it.  This will take a week or so, if all goes well we expect to have the webcams back sometime next week. 

30th August 2019 Friday We are making progress.  The good news is that Sure gave us  details to access the server and setup up the webcam page late this afternoon, the bad news is that we don't have a password.  Hope they can supply it on Monday.

28th August 2019  Our contact at Sure has returned from his holiday.  We have passed emails to see what the current situation is.  He tells me they have had some issues their end and expect to make contact with us again soon to organise a redesign of the website. 

22nd August 2019  We understand that the person who will get the server details to us is on holiday, he should be back on 27th August.

21st August 2019 Here is an update on the status of the Webcams.  As you will note we still don't have them back.   Sure have been very good to us and offered  their server facilities, however they have not yet given us details of the server to allow us to send the site setup details.  As soon as we have that information and done some techie bits our end the cameras should reappear.

12th August 2019 We have some good news today.  Our server provider Sure is to continue their support of the Nest Webcam service.  They say they will organise for us a new server.  Not sure how long this will take but at least we are now making progress. Many thanks to all that have worked hard to get this far.  Keep an eye on the news page for how we are progressing.

17th July 2019  Having investigated the issue of no webcams we have concluded the problem is with the central server.  This is not owned by us and out of our control as it is operated by a third party.  They are aware of the fault and are looking into it.

16th July 2019  All the Nest Webcams are offline.  We don't know what the issue is yet and are investigating.

10th July 2019  Some cameras are now back online. The Boatworks camera we have sorted following the rewire of their premises.  Both Market cameras are also working again although the Market 2 cam seems to stop in the middle of the night and come back alive mid morning, looks like a strange internet issue.  Very glad to see Airport West  up and running again.  Adrian has done some sterling work on the site.  Whilst he was atop the building we too advantage of this to change the camera model.  Now the view is better and the image has improved colour.  Neither of the St Sampson cameras are working though.  To sort them out we need access to the room they are housed in.  A present we still cannot gain that access so they remain offline.

28th May 2019 We currently have a number of cameras offline. Both the Market webcams stopped during the night, we don't know why.  The Bridge and St Sampson  Marina webcams also stopped in the middle of the night a few days ago.  We are unable to gain access as the site is undergoing some internal redecoration work.  Boatworks fueling webcam is updating very slowly showing the wrong time and date  The site recently was rewired with some IP upgrading We are waiting for them to solve the issues at their end.  Finally the Airport West is a job for when time allows as it is a big task.

16th April 2019 1100hrs Most webcams are working as normal. There are three that will need attention.  The Airport Apron has not come back alive, the Cup and Saucer too needs some work. Airport West has a fault from some months ago and will require looking at when the summer arrives as it is difficult to gain access to. 

16th April 2019 1030hrs  THE WEBCAMS ARE BACK.  I don't have too much info on what has occurred except I noticed this morning the site is now working again. Hope the server people will let me know later. 

16th April 2019  News from the server provider.  They are running some diagnostics, I am keeping my fingers well crossed that they can solve the issues. 

15th April 2019  Despite many, many phone calls and equally same number of emails the site is still not working. This is our second week and I am still trying to contact the right person to get the matter resolved.  Once again I need to reiterate that this server is not operated by Nest and thus out of our control, I can only wish for the goodwill of others to get it fixed.

12th  April 2019  After numerous phone calls and emails to the hosting company over the past few days we have failed to get the Webcam site up and running again. This is a matter out of our control as the server is operated by a third party.  I have just emailed again (1500hrs) and hope this will get it up and running again by end of the day.

11th April 2019  Phone calls and emails to the provider, hope this will resolve matters very soon. 

10th April 2019 NEST WEBCAM SITE STOPPED.  The webcams have stopped or more correctly the site is failing to update.  Currently we have no idea what has occurred and are awaiting the company who host the server to call us back with information

11th December 2018 Latest Webcam Update. Many of our cameras  are producing very poor quality images, this is due to the film of salt and general muck that has accumulated over the past couple weeks of bad weather. We hope that some good clean rain will help to clean them off as the task for us to attend every one is beyond our scope. The airport west cameras has been offline since we had our last power cut. We do not know what the fault is, but hope to arrange with the property owner for a suitable time to gain access and look at the problem. 

11th May 2018 What happened to our webcams on Liberation Day? On what is probably the most important day for our island the webcam site failed. I refer to May 9th Liberation day when ex pats and others from around the world gather together to view our island from overseas. Not only those who are away but those who are unable to leave the house and visit town can also feel part of the celebrations simply by looking at their computer So what happened? It was a case of the company who supplies the server facility to our hosting company having a failure. This is one of the many aspects of running this type of service that is out of our control. I spent much of Liberation day on the phone trying to get this all back alive. In fact I did not see any of the celebrations even though I was actually in town. Despite all my best efforts the site remained dead and did so until today. Yesterday with the help of our hosting company we arranged for the previous server to be cancelled and a new server provider sourced. This was up and running this morning and we loaded our images and site details in the afternoon. To say that I was unhappy by this failure is an understatement and I can only apologise. All is as before but as many may note we are still without 4 of our cameras. The town roundabout and the taxi rank require a new location as we had to remove the cameras from their previous home and the two cameras sited in the weighbridge clock tower just need an internet feed. We hope the tenant will one day have internet on site so once again the images can be displayed to us all to view.

12th January 2018 Both the Airport and Weighbridge taxi rank cameras are currently offline.
Unfortunately the internet service we were using at the Airport is no longer available. We would like to thanks Sure for providing us with a free service all these years. We are awaiting an alternative feed in order to get the cameras live again.
The weighbridge cameras are being rehomed. They should be live again shortly providing the same view.

28th June 2017 All cameras are working with the exception of the Front and Liberation Monument. We hope to get those up and running as soon as the premises are occupied again and we have a chance to discuss the situation with the new tenants.

6th June 2017 The popular webcam showing the airport Taxi Rank is offline. This has been intermittent for some days and has now stopped. Our tests have shown the camera to be OK and it is looking like the feed to the server that has an issue. This is operated by a third party. A fault report has been raised and we now await their conclusion.

6th May 2017 Nest announces our latest venture in webcam access. Following much developement work to bring images to you without mains electricity Nest and Vision Networks devised a remote deployable camera operating through the mobile phone system and using power from solar panels, this unit has undergone much testing and an updated revised version has now been installed in the Bailiwick to offer people around the world the opportunity to view the wildlife in our area on You Tube. To view search YouTube for the Nest Wildlife camera by Vision Networks or click here.

4th May 2017 There will be no webcams showing the Liberation Day celebrations in Town this year. This is the story so far. In 2011 we gained permission to fit cameras on the first floor of the Tourism building in Town. One webcam gave a view of the front towards the bus terminus and the other looked at the Careening Hard. All was good for a number of years then out of the blue we were asked to remove the cameras. With no other location available we pleaded for assistance. This came from Mike Blanchard who found us space in another room in the Tourism building, but it was only temporay and we knew that at some stage we would be moved again. In 2014 our time at Tourism officially ended and the search for another location began. Intransit and Harbours came to our rescue and offered use of The Weighbridge Clock Tower. This happy cooperation continued until 2016 when Intransit moved out. But all was not lost as another company took over and when A&S Taxis moved in so the cameras started working again. However our luck was not to last for in October of 2016 A&S moved out. Since then the clock tower has remained unoccupied and our cameras unpowered. Until the clock tower is again tenanted and an agreement reached we are sorry to advise that we are not able to provide images of our Town seafront.

24th January 2017 Nest introduced a new camera today showing a view of Les Banques looking South. Our thanks go to C T Plus for allowing us to site the webcam in their building. We are also working on a Wildlife webcam. Following approaches to us by Vic Froome for a camera that can be sited on remote locations the team have been burning the midnight oil since early December to construct a one off special unit. The camera has been designed to operate using solar panels and backup battery with the data being sent back by the Sure 3G network. Scroll down the Nest site to the last image and keep a daily watch to see when the images appear.

30th October 2016 The camera we sent to be fitted at Jersey Airport has failed. They were unable to supply us with an internet feed so the camera has been returned. We have taken to opportunity to fit that camera on the Royal Guernsey Golf Club to view the first tee. As usual thank to the Vision Networks team for their work and to the golf club for allowing us to use their building, internet and electricity. To view the new image you may have to refresh the page by either using the refresh button or hitting F5.

29th October 2016 A number of cameras are offline. Both of the the cameras on the front - one looking at Cambridge Berth/Trident/Liberation Monument and the other with a view of the Front are no longer operational. The company who occupied the premises have left and no new tenants have moved in. We don't yet know their future as we rely on the building to be occupied with electricity and internet for the camera to work. The Track is also offline, we hope this is a simple glitch and are awaiting the property owners to respond to us, they are normally pretty fast.

28th October 2016 Our new site is proving stable and we are slowly making changes which are affecting the old site. Some cameras will disappear and others will only have slow updates. Eventually the old site will replaced with the new site. If you view the Nest cameras on third party sites the same principles apply except for the Digimap site.

15th August 2016 Changes have been made to the Roundabout and Weighbridge Taxi rank cams.  We were required to move the location of these cameras to allow for expansion of the offices they occupy.  Thanks to the help offered by 2mi, and the Vision Networks team the cameras were successfully moved a few metres from their previous location.  The views remain very similar although the sharper eyed viewer will notice some slight differences. 

Our old site failed to keep up with modern needs and did not work very well cross platform.
The new site is still undergoing development so you may well notice a few errors. Please feel free to point them out to us by email as we too are human.
The old site will remain by click of a button at the top of the screen, but ultimately will disappear into the history books. Once again your feedback on the new look and how it works for you will be welcome.

1st August 2016 Last month we sent a programmed webcam to Jersey for fitting into one of the airline offices. They have successfully installed the camera, however they have technical issues with getting images to our website. We hope to bring you images soon.

2nd July 2016 We have been given permission to establish a new camera at Jersey Airport overlooking the apron. Work is under way to prepare the camera and get it fitted, if all goes well you should be seeing new images in about a week. To view the new Jersey camera, click on the "Jersey Cam" button (Top of the Screen) you will then be able to scroll between the apron cam and the aero club cam.
The two UK cams are no longer available. They were established by a third party during a build project, which is now completed.

29th May 2016 Two Million and Counting. Yes we got to the next goal of 2 million hits today. During the past 24 hours our hit counter rolled over to reveal that magic number. A very big thank you to those who supply the camera locations, those who advertise with us, those who fit and maintain the cams, Vision Networks and the Nest team for bringing images to people around the world. With 174 different countries having viewed our pages we believe the Nest webcam site is the most popular website in the islands. Thank you for helping us make it so.

29th April 2016 Today our hit counter went into overdrive as the single greatest number of views was recorded at very nearly 12,000 in just one day. Why? Maybe it was foggy or maybe the cruise liners were visiting, whatever it was great to see.

29/3/16 Nest new timelapse system is now up and running. The first two cameras have been put on the site, to view click the link on the Nest Webcam page, then select timelapse.
Update on Faulty Cameras:
Boatworks & Beaucette - despite our best efforts on repairs to the housings, we have been unable to fully stop the water ingress. Work continues on this issue.

17/3/16 Update on the non or poorly working  cameras:
Boatworks -  Camera housing has been badly worn and damaged by constant battering from the sea.  Will require a complete rebuild.
Vistas Vazon - The power supply had died, we suspect a mains spike. Now replaced and all is well.
Grandes Rocques -  The storm had broken the mounting bracket.  We had to wait for a windles day to replace.  All done and working again.
Beaucette - They had made changes to their IT system which stopped the camera from working.  It has now been reconfigured.  In addition Beaucette have moved the camera which has allowed water into the housing, once again we shall need to remove the assembly to dry the unit out and fix the leak.
Elizabeth College - It looks like the power to the camera has been turned off, it is being investigated.

10/3/16 The recent bad weather combined with the storm yesterday (9/3/16) has resulted in a number of Nest Webcams failing.
Beaucette has died and when time allows we will take a look, although we did drop in today to see if it was simple fix, sadly not so.  Vistas uploads seem to be once a day if we are lucky.  The camera is hard to reach and we require some good weather to sort it - still waiting !  Boatworks once again covered in salt spray.  Think we may wait until bad weather passes before cleaning yet again.  Grandes Rocques camera is looking at the roof.  We think the bracket is broken.  All was OK until the storm hit us and by the afternoon all that could be seen was a wet roof.  Once again need good weather as we have to use a three stage ladder to get to the camera and as such the wind has to be light.

24/2/16 Good news. Both of the cameras on the sea front St Peter Port are now online again. The offices in which the cameras are mounted have new tenants and it is to A&S Taxis we thank for their help in offering their electricity and broadband to get the images back to your screen.

18/2/16 The camera at Vistas, Vazon is only uploading a couple times a day (if we are lucky). This may be attributed to the terrible weather the islands has endured over the past couple of months with strong winds and plenty of rain. As the camera is on an exposed part of the building on the very exposed west coast it seems reasonable that it has taken a battering. If time allows we will try and take a look this weekend - assuming it doesn't rain again !

11/1/16 Beaucette Marina are doing work to the mast on their building hence why the camera is at a rather silly angle. When works have been completed all should return to normal. The Webcam at QE2 appears to show a white background. When time allows we need to go to the site and find out what is going on - most odd. Other faults are slow and intermittent uploading of images from Victoria and similar at Vistas due we believe to internet issues.

1/1/16 The two webcams on the front are both offline. They have been through a checkered history having been first established at the Tourism offices. After a number of years of reliable service we were unable to retain them on that building and were lucky that Intransit came to our assistance. Intransit have been most helpful to us and with permission from Guernsey Harbours allowed the cameras to be sited on the Weighbridge Clock Tower. We are most grateful to them for their help. However they have now moved premises and thus can no longer provide us with electricity or internet for the webcams. It is our hope that new tenants will be found who will support the Nest webcam project and allow the cameras to return to your screens.

13/11//15 For BBC Children in Need Nest have established two webcams in the Guernsey studio so you can view the presenters live here and listen to the show online by going here

23/10/15 On my return from annual holiday I was very pleased to note that most of the missing cameras had come back online. This was due to a change of policy within Sure and with their assistance and a lot of work by Alexander at Nest.



The missing Webcams are gradually coming back on line. This is due to the efforts put in by the Nest Team over the past few weeks with additional assistance from Sure.

There are still some minor technical issues to overcome but all being well we will see every Webcam back up and fully functioning soon.


Nest Webcams the Current situation

A personal open letter from Richard Bird

The Nest Webcam service started off some 7 years ago and rapidly expanded to the 20 camera system we now all enjoy. It provides a valuable world wide publicity machine for our Island and a view of the outside world to the housebound and infirm – in fact regardless of our status we all enjoy watching the cameras which have a wide range of users for business and pleasure. My son and I often spend our weekend free time setting up cameras for special events around the Island to allow those who are unable to attend in person to be part of Island life.

The cost of this service has been borne out of my personal pocket with the help and assistance given to me by all the premises that allow us to fit cameras on their properties and also give us access to their electricity and internet. There is some small income supplied by those people who make a small contribution to our running cost. On the technical side it has been IT experts Ron Touw and my son Alexander who have established and keep these cameras operational on a daily basis. It may all seem very smooth and hassle free for the viewer but we are often like the duck on a lake, serene above yet paddling like mad just to keep operating.

And it is not only the above that have brought the images to your home. Sure have been a terrific supporter of this service and we have been more than grateful for their extreme kind offer of space on one of their servers for a number of years, without the reliability of Sure the service would not be as good as it has been. Sadly that has recently changed and many of you will have noted a number of cameras have been going off line. None of the cameras them selves have been faulty but what has occurred is that Sure have been blocking certain cameras from their servers so quite simply the images fail to get to you. Unfortunately this is due to a matter outside of our control and a change of policy within Sure.

We have been very fortunate that the two cameras looking at Guernsey Airport Apron returned to your screens recently. This was down to the IT expertise and dedication of Mike Reeves at Aurigny who found a way around the problem. Whilst this fix solved the Apron cameras it is not something we can apply to other sites so it is only a matter of time before more cameras will disappear.

So what is the future, frankly it is not looking that bright, these are the options:

1) Sure make a change in their policy – this is our favoured option as it places us back in the position we all once enjoyed and it maintains the live images immediately back on your computer with minimum hassle for both the viewer and us at Nest.

2) We find another company willing to supply server facilities – A possible option but it will involve the reprogramming of every camera and this process will take many months, at a personal significant cost to me.

3) We close the service. This is my least favoured option but if no other way can be found then it is with real deep regret that I will take this course.

I felt it only fair that everyone knew what the situation is and I have done my best to explain, should you have any comments to make I would welcome your email. It should be noted though that this matter has come at an unfortunate time during my annual holiday, however my son Alexander will do his best to answer your emails and I shall make a decision as to the future of Nest on my return.


17/9/15 Nest viewers will be pleased to know that the two Guernsey airport Apron cameras are back on line. This is due to the efforts of Mike Reeves at Aurigny .  Whilst it was neither the fault of Nest nor Aurigny but in fact a third party Mike has found a fix around the issue.  Our grateful thanks for his expertise and time spend on this problem. It is a similar to the issue we have with the Airport Taxi Rank camera but we have a simple fix for that.

11/9/15 2015 The two cameras looking at the Guernsey Airport Apron are offline. As far as we can tell the cameras are OK but the internet service at the site has an issue. As we don't own or operate the internet service this is a matter that the owner of the site is dealing with

19th June 2015 Most cameras are now back online, we only have the Track camera to fix. Hope that will be sorted next week

18th June 2015 Sorry to advise everyone that we have many cameras offline. Still trying to figure out what has happened and it will take some days to get it sorted out if not weeks.

16th June 2015 Yesterday Mike Reeves at Aurigny got the Apron Camera at the airport going again. Grateful thanks to him for his help

8th June 2015 Apologies for all those who were expecting live images from the BBC music tent on Arts Sunday yesterday. We arrived to set up but were moved on by the Police, hence were unable to bring any pictures.

7th June 2015 The camera looking at the Apron at Guernsey airport is offline. We are awaiting for the users of the office to solve the problem.

21 May 2015 Due to reliability issues we have today moved one of our hosting server to a new company. Hope you enjoy the improvement.

17 May 2015 We apologise for the loss of the Nest home page and Webcam page yesterday This was due to the server in Jersey failing. So far we have little information as the Jersey company that Nest contracts to provide the hosting has not responded to our emails. Glad to say all appears well now.

26th April 2015 The scaffolding at The Markets is due to come down next week so we have had to remove the temporary camera. When the scaffold has all been removed the existing cameras will be reactivated. The image from Victoria has now nearly returned to normal as they too are removing the scaffold.

2nd April 2015 Some of the scaffolding has come down that blocked the view of the harbour and Victoria marina. This is a temporary measure as can be seen by the view which shows the top of the scaffold 'roof'. When they start to remove the remaining scaffolding we shall have to turn the camera off for a few days again.

21st March 2015 A new Sark webcam has joined the Nest network. This camera was establsihed by Ray Lowe of Event Services who has allowed us to take a feed. The image is of the main harbour La Maseline in Sark on their east coast

18th March 2015 The Guernsey Airport Apron 2 camera has disappeared from the Webcam website. We think it may be our fault and are looking into what has occurred and hope to correct the error soon.

7th March 2015 Scaffolding has been erected that now blocks the view of the Victoria Marina When the building works have been completed we will reinstate the webcam.

19th February 2015 Building works are being carried out on the Markets and the scaffolding has blocked the views from the cameras. We hope to relocate or make some changes over the weekend to allow you a view again.

7th February 2015 Due to the generousity of those viewers who have sent us money via Paypal we have been able to establish another camera at Guernsey Airport in order to show more of the apron. This has been at the request and help given by Mike Reeves at Aurigny whose offices and facilities they let us use to bring you these images. Many thanks to Mike and his efforts, they are much appreciated and also to Guernsey Airport for allowing the camera to be fitted. That is the good news, but there is some bad news in that the two cameras on The Front keep failing. It isn't the cameras but the internet on site and is a matter out of our control. We are working on a solution. Finally if we get more contributions to the Webcam fund we have another camera location in mind, keep an eye on the webcam page to see if we succeed.

6th January 2015 Yesterday we added a Paypal payment system onto the Nest Webcam page to allow those who value the service to contribute to the running costs and overheads We are gratified to note that already 5 people have contributed which helps us to run the Webcams as a free to view service for another few days. Many thanks to those generous viewers. Should sufficient funds come in we propose introduce some additional cameras..

4th January 2015 Happy New Year to all Nest users. The two Front cameras went down for a few days over the festive period and we were unable to gain access to the building. However when the tenants returned they found their internet was down and a quick reboot sorted the cameras too. The same may have occurred at The Track and once again are awaiting for the business to reopen after the break.

7th December 2014 Grateful thanks go to Guernsey Harbour and the team from Intransit for their assistance in helping us get images of the front in Guernsey. Whilst we had been offered space again next year at the old location it was to be for a short period only, so a more long term solution was required. Intransit were most helpful and offered us the use of their electricity and broadband service. And with the kind permission of Guernsey Harbours we have been able to relocate the cameras, The views have changed but we hope they will fill the gap whilst supplying a new view of the harbour. A great team effort with Alexander from Vision Networks working for free this weekend to get it all up and running.

19th November 2014 We apologise that we can no longer bring images from the two cameras that look at The Front in Guernsey. The office that housed the cameras has now been taken over by new tenants and they have asked us to remove the cameras.

14th November 2014 It is becoming an annual tradition that we install webcams in the Guernsey BBC studios for Children in Need. Click on the webcam link and scroll down to Event Cam 1 and Event Cam 2. For faster updates left click on any image - although due to the high number of hits the update time is not as fast as normal.

27th October 2014 With the exception of the Victorian Walled garden, who are looking for sponsorship for their internet line, we are pleased to say all cameras are now working following a number of power cuts and lightning strikes. We can now announce the addition of a new camera at the Weighbridge, Guernsey. Following representations made by Taxi drivers we have established a new camera to look at their main taxi rank in Town.

17th September 2014 Following the power cut in the island yesterday evening we have many cameras that are now no longer working. It will take some time to sort them all out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

16th September 2014 Guernsey Airport main approach roads are being dug up to provide additional communication services. It is at this time that the Airport webcams are so useful to those trying to get to the airport, however they have been intermittent for a few days. tests from our end have shown all to be well so we are at a loss to know why they have stopped. It would appear to be an internet fault from one of the service providers a matter that is out of our control

11th to 14th September 2014 Event webcams have been deployed at the Castle Emplacement for the Guernsey UIM World power boat championship. More here

26th August 2014 12:45 We apologise for the loss of the website from Sunday 24th August 2014 until just this minute. We tried to contact the two hosting companies involved, however their phones were unobtainable. In fact one of the company's own website was also down as ironically, they share the same server as Nest! Emails and text messages still remain unanswered and as the servers are outside of our direct control we had to make the decision today to bypass those various companies and go direct to the Data Centre staff themselves at Newtel Jersey. Thanks go to their sterling work as they fixed the problem immediately. If it had not been for their prompt intervention this morning, the site would STILL be down. Staff from the two Jersey companies managing our site were still un-contactable on their personal email addresses, mobile phones numbers and direct dial land lines this morning! Obviously in the light of this "adventure" we are now investigating possible alternative hosting arrangements.

9th August 2014 The West Show in Guernsey gets underway on the 13th and runs until 14th August. A great traditional agricultural show often regarded as the best in the island. As last year our Event cameras are in place bringing live images to you across the world. More info click here

7th August 2014 New cameras seem to be flying out, must be the lovely weather. The Victorian Walled garden at Saumarez park is now up and running. It has taken a lot of time not to mention much sweat and some tears but we got there. Do enjoy the images

2nd August 2014 Due to technical issues we have had to take the Jersey camera offline. Hope it will soon be back. Keep watching the site.

30th July 2014 A new camera has been established at Jersey Airport. Thanks to the efforts of the Jersey Aero club and Mike Fleming we now have a view of aircraft taking off and landing in Jersey. There are still some adjustment to do, we would rather like a view of the stands but that is proving to be problem The focus an clarity also need work. But at least the camera is up and working. To view this camera click on the Jesey Cams tab at top of screen.

30th June 2014 The Elizabeth College camera remains offline whilst we negotiate to be able to gain access to find out what the fault is.

26th June 2014 Chaos Music and Biker event starts on 27th and runs until 29th. Our cameras will be there, but to truly enjoy the event and feel the atmosphere you need to head up to the South of the island in person. Held at Pleinmont in Guernsey it must have the best views of any festival. Naturally bikes of all types feature prominently and maybe even an appearance of the amazing jet powered bike. Music of course by Jersey and Guernsey bands. More info click.

24th June 2014 Both the St Sampson cameras are off line. We are investigating what the issues is.

11th June 2014 Nest celebrates the one millionth hit on our webcam site. A UK user has the glory of reaching this massive target in such a short period of time. Since we started counting the hits on 28th July 2011 the number of views have gradually increased from less than 300 per day to over 1,500 per day. Our record was in March 2013 when in just a few hours 10,000 people visited our site. The free to view Nest Webcam service still grows and attracts more and more visitors to the island each and every day. But we need support to allow us to continue to offer this free service. Nest is now accepting advertising to help offset the overheads - please email us if an advertising banner on the Nest Webcam site is of interest to your business.

13th May 2014 Our modifications and changes to the web pages for Liberation day worked well. We have ad not reports of issues and the servers held up well despite us getting a record number of Liberation Day hit of over 5000. The College camera has been moved to give a fresh view at the request of Elizabeth College. We await the arrival of the next cruise liner to ensure they remain in shot.

8th May 2014 Guernsey celebrates it's 'annual day' on May 9th tomorrow. Past experience has shown us that our Webcam pages attract many more viewers than normal. In previous years this has created problems for the servers and left many people without the live images. This year we have made changes to the websites and split the cameras into two pages - those that relate directly to the Liberation Celebrations in Town and the remainder of the island wide camera network. The refresh rate has also been reduced in order that more people can view at any one time. Fingers crossed all this additional work will prove successful

26th April 2014 Our Town cameras are now back up and sending live images around the world again. We were offered a new room in the Guernsey Tourism building to locate the cameras, this has given us the opportunity of bringing a new view of the small gardens towards the clock tower. A lot of effort has gone into this job so we hope you like the images. Many thanks to Mike Blanchard at Tourism for his helpful manner, Alexander Bird and the Vision Networks team.

23rd April 2014 (1300) Following a very positive meeting with Mike Blanchard at the Tourism offices he has been most helpful in finding another location for the cameras. The only time available for us to install them is this Saturday and the offices will be specially opened up for us. We are particularly happy by this move as not only are they very popular cameras but our Liberation day celebrations occur on May 9th and the cameras will be much needed then.

23rd April 2014 (1230) Good News the Town cameras will come back. More details to follow

17th April 2014 Nest is sorry to announce that we can no longer bring you images from the two popular Town cameras called 'The Front - St Peter Port' and 'Careening Hard - St Peter Port'. This morning (Thursday 17th April) the occupiers of the offices asked for them to be removed. This move came out of the blue and is out of our control. We would like to hear from you if you miss not having this camera, please email us.

17th March 2014 All cameras are now viewable. We have not had an explanation as to what happened so it still remains a mystery.

15th March 2014 The camera issue still has not been fixed. We believe the problem is with the Sure server which has gone faulty and wait for them to make repairs.

14th March 2014 Over the past few days the island have experienced severe amount of fog that has affected flights in and out of the airport. That then has has a knock on affect on the webcams as our viewer numbers have increased from the usual 100 per day to over 4000 today. The result is that the Sure servers simply cannot cope. It is ironic that when the webcams are most needed they fail. This is a matter totally our of our control as we outsource the server hosting Sure Guernsey who supply the service for us

25th February 2014 The Market cameras are now working again, however we have a fault with the wifi hotspot. The free trial is available but the client login fails, we are looking into the issue.

25th February 2014 Yesterday the webcam site went down during the afternoon. The service is now back up again. The problems were with the server and are out of our control.

20th February 2014 The Market cameras and Wifi systems are all offline. We await the operators of the markets to allow us access in order to repair the fault.

11th February 2014 We have been receiving a great many emails from viewers of the webcams who are unable to see them outside of this island. The cameras work fine here and we can view them without problems in Guernsey. On the 5th our server provider had problems when their service was overloaded by the high number of viewers. We believe this is connected to the issues being experienced. As we do not operate the servers all we can do is ask that someone takes look at the issues and fixes the fault.

5th February 2014 (evening) Our server provider had difficulties with the large numbers of people viewing the cameras and had to block some IP addresses. When the load is reduced we hope all will return to normal.

5th February 2014 At 1120 some of the cameras in Town failed. At present we don't know the reason, but are not looking forward to doing any work outside so the job may have to wait until the weather improves.

5th February 2014 Strong winds have hit the islands over the past few days causing widespread damage. Unusually the winds have been from the East for a couple of days and this has caused flooding in homes and roads, with much damage to cars, boats and property. The Nest Webcam site has seen an increase in viewers and is thus running slower than normal.

17th January 2014 The Alderney camera has been relocated thanks to the efforts of Robin and team from RES. They worked in horrible weather conditions to get the camera mounted - when the sun shines the Alderney harbour should look great.

13th January 2014 Our system was down for maintenance from midnight 12/1/14. During our upgrade the service will be temporarily off line.

21st November 2013 We upgraded the Victoria Marina camera yesterday but as viewers will see it has gone wong. Lesson learnt, do not change something that is working well. My IT expert will look at the issue over the next few days.

14th November 2013 The team from Nest and Vision Networks setup two webcams in the studios of BBC Guernsey for the Children in Need fund raising event to be held all day on Friday 15th. Live views of the presenters and Guests can be viewed on the Nest webcam site click on the link Pudsey Cam 1 or Pudsey Cam 2

28th October 2013 Last night Guernsey was hit by a storm with winds of over 760mph. Whilst most of the island got away with it unscathed the storm did damage one of our cameras. This is the Airport West runway camera that is now hanging by it's cable when the mounting system broke. It is too dangerous to go up and fix it as the winds are still blowing. The Cup and Saucer camera is offline but we think it is simply un plugged and await the home owner to power it back up again. The Alderney camera also was un-powered last week but they have reconnected it again. Finally some cameras have yet to update their time when the clocks went back. Today we established a new wif service for the Markets in Guernsey. This free service is available outside in market square and in the inner street.

3rd October 2013 Good news, the much loved Market Cameras are back up and running following the operators of the markets fitting a new broadband service.

2nd October 2013 A new webcam has been established at The Track. This is the location of Guernsey's most treasured football and kart racing ground. It started life a cycling track before being developed into a super kart track. But even more to come as the now very old and dated grandstand is to be rebuild. We hope to record this in time lapse and thus give a replay in just a few minutes of the demolish and rebuild process to the finished new Stadium. Thanks go to the team from Vision Networks, Mark and Alexander for yet another great install and Karting Guernsey for their facilities and help.

9th September 2013 Here is an update on the latest situation regarding the webcams and Nest wifi hotspots. The webcams to provide a popular service to the community and potential visitors from acround the world. We continue to deploy our mobile cameras at events across the island. Alderney got her first Nest Webcam back in August. This needs some more work to improve the images as they appear to be very dull and bleak - it isn't like that in Alderney. The Market cameras remain off line. This is due to the loss of the internet service provided by the Markets. The management are planning to install a new broadband service within the next few weeks so we hope the cameras will be online by the end of this month. The Elizabeth College camera has been offline since 27th August. The schools have been on holiday and we have not been able to gain access to the building. The College IT man has been advised so we hope it will be repowered soon. Yesterday we rolled out a new look webcam page thanks to the efforts of Alexander Bird. This will make getting to your favorite camera a lot faster as a simple click on the buttons top of screen will instantly start scrolling to the image, also there are two new buttons to take you directly to the bottom of the page or the top. Feedback on these improvements as always welcome to nest@guernsey.net. A re vamped service for processing PayPal payments has been rolled out for Victoria marina. If this proves to overcome the PayPal bugs that have so annoyed us and our customers it will be rolled out across the network.

17th July 2013 The QE2 and Victoria Marina wireless service was offline from yesterday afternoon until this morning due to a glitch in the internet feed for the area. We also have two cameras offline, both at St Sampson. Don't know what the fault is yet we are investigating.

16th July 2013 Up to date information on the status of the Nest cameras. There are four cameras off line. The two St Sampson webcams had stopped for a day due to a server fault by our provider which has now been repair. The cameras at The Markets do not have an Internet service, this is the responsibility of the market owners and we hope they can reinstate everything soon.

1st July 2013 Grandes Rocques camera has been moved to give a better and more pleasing image. The new view comes courtesy of an installation by Vision Networks, we like it, hope our 'viewers' do too.

1st July 2013 Some very odd changes to our St Sampson cameras are occurring. The images have now been replaced by old snow pictures. We can assure everyone that there is no snow in Guernsey at the moment. We are assuming that work is being conducted on the server and some old images have inadvertently been introduced. This is a matter out of our control.

30th June 2013 The two Bridge, St Sampson cameras are off line. We believe it is a fault with the central server and hope that it can be reconfigured soon.

20th June 2013 Sure managed to fix their fault yesterday evening but it has return this morning, no doubt they are working hard to get it fixed.

19th June 2013 Currently some JT, Wave and Guernsey Net internet customers are unable to view the webcams. This is not a fault with the JT network nor the Nest system but problems that Sure our webcam hosting provider are experiencing. We understand they are working hard to resolve the fault.

8th June 2013 Today Saturday 8th June sees a new powerboat race take to the seas. A race from London to Guernsey and later on to Jersey. The powerboats intend to refuel in the island and Nest has established an Event cam to allow our 'viewers' to see the boats as they arrive in the harbour and refuel at the Boatworks+ fueling pontoon in St Peter Port harbour. More information on the race can be found here http://www.ventureoffshorecup.com

6th June 2013 The main webcam server failed at 1830 yesterday evening. The server operators are looking into the problem and we hope to have the cameras back by the end of the day.

29th May 2013 Our camera with views of Victoria Marina is very intermittent at present. This is due to works being carried out to the building that houses the camera. We hope to have it stable by next week.

15th May 2013 Another new webcam was added to the now famous Nest webcam site. Grandes Rocques Bistro were the lucky property to receive a free Nest Webcam which gives views over the west coast and along the cost road to Albecq. To enjoy those view in the flesh take a drink or a superb meal. Contact by email grandesrocquesbistro@cwgsy.net or phone 01481 255733

15th May 2013 The property that hosts the two Market webcams has received flooding damage and whilst it undergoes repairs the power has been turned off hence the cameras will be out of action for a few days.

9th May 2013 Guernsey celebrates 'Liberation Day' the end of occupation by German forces during world war two today. To add to the town cameras we have installed a temporary 'Event Cam' to cover the Albert pier showing the entertainment and giving a flavour of the day. The camera uses the mobile 3G network to send back the images. All worked fine yesterday when it was installed but we note it has now slowed down considerably to an update every hour or so. This is due to the 3G network being unable to cope with demands placed upon it by the large number of users in town and as the 3G service is operated by one of the phone companies it is a matter that is out of our control

7th May 2013 The Event Cam was deployed on Monday to cover the Hillclimb at the Val des Terres, Guernsey. Despite the lack of mains and running on the 3G network it operated surprisingly well. Keep an eye out for more events.

2nd May 2013 Sorry to report that the taxi rank camera at the airport stopped working yesterday evening at 2024. We are going to give it a stiff talking to when time allows.

19th April 2013 The Nest webcam network continues to expand with the addition of a new camera at Vistas Beach Cafe at Vazon bay in Guernsey. The camera was kindly donated and installed by Vision Networks, so a thank you to Mark the installer and Alexander the IT expert for sorting it all out. More info on Vistas can be found HERE

13th April 2013 1500hrs Nest internet is up and running again. The server in France still has a problem and as we don't when the operators will fix it we have done a patch our end to keep the service operational.

13th April 2013 Yesterday evening (12/4/13) the whole Nest system has failed due to a third party server problem in France. This is matter that we are unable to reapir and await the operator of the server to solve their issues.

17th March 2013 For reasons beyond our control The Sates of Guernsey Culture and Leisure department have removed our camera at the Garenne Stand. We are hopeful they will reconsider and return it to operational status. We think this has been the reason why the camera has stopped working unexpectedly so many times since it's inception.

18th March 2013 Our camera sited at the Gareene stand has stopped working again. Normally we find that the camera has been unplugged. When time allows we shall pay a visit and plug it in again !

15th March 2013 The UK and Guernsey took part in raising money for Comic Relief. We deployed our EventCam at Forest Road Garage where Dale Crowsley was spending 10 hours in a car with the aim of raising £3000. Forest Road Garage continues their fundraising events at Specsavers car park on Sunday 16th February between 2pm and 4pm. I you would like to find out more about these events or donate money please visit the Forest Road Garage website.

14th March 2013 Severe weather hit the islands on Monday 12th. Strong winds combined with heavy snow brought the island to a standstill. The webcams the became a significant community resource for entertainment and organisational reasons. Our normal hits of around 700 per day suddenly leapt to 10,000. This placed serious stain on the server so much so our new hosting company Cable and Wireless placed a lot of resources at our disposal and we managed to migrate some of the cameras to a new dedicated severe. To the end use the difference will be that they should see the images downloading a lot faster. Thanks to all concerned for their efforts in this difficult and busy period. From Nest Alexander Bird, Vision Networks Bill Mead and the team at Sure (Cable and Wireless) a fantastic job done by all. The snow has now nearly all gone and life returns to normal - just a big clean up to do ! !

11th February 2013 The Nest home page failed this morning. Very frustrating for many people planning their day around the snow this morning and our 'viewers' were unable to link to the popular Nest Webcam site. The fault was with the company that hosts the home page server. It was offline from early this morning and back again by mid morning.

23rd January 2013 College camera is not up and running again. When we got access it was easy to solve, the camera had accidentally been unplugged!

17thJanuary 2013 The College webcam has frozen. We await for a suitable time to access the premises to either reset or reprogram the camera.

2nd January 2013 Garenne Camera is now up and running again. The fault is with the internet on the site that fails regularly. This equipment is not under our control and thus we are unable to solve the problems easily.

1st January 2013 Our hotspot wifi services for the Mare de Carteret and St Sampson areas are offline. This is due to building and other works which will take some time to conclude. If all goes according to plan we hope to resume the services by the end of this year

11th December 2012 We are sorry to advise that since we reprogrammed the Garenne camera it has not worked properly and has now failed. As is so often the case when an upgrade occurs things go wrong, we got away with this particular change over relatively lightly with regard to failures. The Garenne stand is particularly hard to sort out as the premises are so often locked up and we have found it impossible to gain access. We will keep trying.

10th December 2012 The big move to the new C&W Sure server was started a few weeks ago and the more difficult cameras were reprogrammed over the weekend. There are now just two cameras that have yet to be done, Garenne and Roundabout - we hope they will be finished by the end of the week. For those viewing the cameras on a third party site the images may have been lost, if this is the case we ask that the webmaster make contact with us so we can supply them with the new code. email nest@guernsey.net The new server has also allowed us to improve refresh rates and reintroduce the left click fast update feature giving between 1 and 2 second updates.

28th November 2012 Unfortunately the upgrade failures have not been resolved. Currently the St Sampson hotspot and cameras are out of action and will be offline until we find a fix. Other hotspots have also been affected.

24th November 2012 The upgrades to resolve the Paypal payment situation that we made over the weekend have gone horribly wrong. We are investigating what the error is, but it is looking like we may have to downgrade. Two steps forward and five step backwards. . . . . . . .

24th November 2012 In order to try and resolve our Paypal issues a new payment system has had to be introduced. This should be transparent to the user but for us it is a major task. Not only do we have new payment server software but we are having to upgrade all sites to different operating software. Naturally this never goes smoothly so please stay with us whilst we struggle to roll out the new procedure which should solve all those Paypal problems. Guess who has his fingers well and truly crossed?

22nd November 2012 New camera added at Beaucette Marina in the North of the island. This is temporary until an outdoor camera can be fitted

16th November 2012 BBC Guernsey Pudsey cam goes live this evening in preparation for the Children in Need event tomorrow. The local Guernsey radio station will be producing a live special program all day Saturday. Listen to the show here http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_guernsey and then look at the Nest webcams for a studio view. Please do email your comments to guernsey@bbc.co.uk or nest@guernsey.net Remember to donate your cash.

3rd November 2012 The Paypal problems that hounded us some time ago have returned. This has been on ongoing issue that despite much effort on our part we have failed to find a solution. When establishing a new account or topping up an existing account Paypal takes your money and then raises a credit on our account. What should then happen is that Paypal electronically activate the account or add time to an existing account. This is not occurring, we see the payment but then note the customer does not appear to have logged in. We then manually look for anything that can lead to to a way of contacting the customer and trying to solve the problem the old fashioned way - manually. In some cases the only contact is by email and as the customer can't use the internet he is unable to get our email explaining what has gone wrong. If you are one of those affected please send an email to nest@guernsey.net if that fails then please leave a message on our ansaphone 01481 248360 so we may help you best we can. We apologise to all those affected.

9th October 2012 The webcam site has ground to a halt. We seem to be having more hits that the server can cope with. Both the website hosting company and us are working on a solution, as a temporary fix the one second updates have been reduced to 15 second updates. When we have a permanent solution the faster updates times will be restored.

12th September 2012 Nest webcams are now working at 1130, although the Imperial camera glitched the last time we had a server failure and is still not working.

12th September 2012 The Infuse (now called Terulti) server in Jersey failed again this morning at around 0640. We have emailed them and hope they will have it operational again soon.

9th September 2012 At approximately 0630 this morning nearly all the webcams failed. This again was due to a server problem with the hosting company in Jersey. As of 0900 on 10/9/12 most of the cameras have come back to life and we watch and keep our fingers crossed all will be well.

31st August 2012 The webcam site was not working this morning from 0630. This was due to a fault with the server in Jersey. It was up and running again by 1115 this morning. We also seem to have lost the Victoria webcam and are investigating.

25th August 2012 Work is being undertaken on the Victoria Marina service to try and solve an intermittent login problem. This appears to occur on first time use and before payment is made. The main equipment serving the marina is being replaced this afternoon (12 noon 25/8/12) if all goes well it should be up and running again by 1700hrs.

18th July 2012 Apologies for the loss of the College Webcam over the past few weeks. This camera proved a challenge for us to gain access, however we had some very kind assistance on Tuesday that enabled the camera to start working again. Thank you Sarah !

15th July 2012 We appear to be a victim of our own success as the server that hosts the webcam crashed during the Olympic Flame procession in Guernsey. It came back to life but due to the exceptionally high number of 'viewers' the updates were very slow.

15th July 2012 At 0119 early in the morning the camera stopped working. An on site visit later in the day showed that the stage had been dismantled and power removed. The camera was then relocated into the main tent along with the hotspot

14th July 2012 Some of the event fans suggested we fit a webcam. By mid afternoon this was setup and operating.

13th July 2012 Temporary hotspot established at the Chaos Motor Cycle and music event in Guernsey. See here for details http://www.chaosevents.com

12th July 2012 The island suffered another power cut this morning between 0753 and 0805.

6th July 2012 Wireless Internet services will be offline for different periods of time today as Nest undergoes some maintenance on the following wifi hotspots: Albert Marina, Victoria Marina, QE2 Marina and Salerie. We apologise for the disruption but the work is essential.

It is also noted that the Cup and Saucer camera has a view of the sky - we hope that will be resolved over the weekend.

18th June 2012 The Fort Grey (Cup and Saucer) camera is currently unreliable. This is due to the site owner making changes to his internet service.

16th June 2012 Guernsey suffered another power cut this morning. Most of the island lost power at around 0915 and had their electricity restored by 0935. Guernsey Electricity has not fully explained what caused the fault , but it is known that the electricity link with France failed some months ago and has not been repaired so the island has since then been relying on generating it's own electricity.

14th June 2012 Since the change of the server by our web host the webcam reliability has reduced considerably. Webcam images regularly freeze and fail to update and the one second update feature often no longer works. As we had mentioned before this is a matter that is out of our control and causes us as much frustration as it does you the viewer. The service is provided free of charge and those that install and maintain it all do this as a labour of love, the only exception is when we have to go to a third party for services such as the website hosting. Efforts are being made to resolve these issues.

28th May 2012 Sorry to advise that three of our cameras froze their respective image on Saturday. The cameras affected are The Victoria Visitors Marina, St Sampson Marina 2 and Town Roundabout. They will each require a site visit which may take some while to sort out.

17th May 2012 We have made an improvement to the AurignyGCI webcam by fitting a wider angle lens. This lens extends the view further to the East thus allowing views of the Aurigny Trilander inter island aircraft.

14th May 2012 Webcam fans can now join us on Facebook . Thanks go to Bill Mead at Vision Networks for his expertise in establishing this new facility.

14th May 2012 Nest Webcam site reaches 100,000 hits. Since the hit counter was activated in August last year Nest webcam fans around the world reached the magic number at 8pm on Sunday 13th. This month has also seen a single day record of nearly 1500 viewers that joined us on May 9th. Despite the failure of many of our cameras people around the world looked to us to provide images of these important celebrations.

13th May 2012 After ten days hard and nearly solid work in the evenings, weekends and bank holidays the Nest team have reprogrammed the last webcam yesterday Saturday 12th May. Our tests have shown that the new server is not as robust as the previous. We understand that the web hosting company are working on the problem to improve the quality of service, in the interim we continue to babysit the service.

9th May 2012 Our Webcam misery continues. Guernsey has a bank holiday today to celebrate the Liberation of the islands from German occupation, however not a day off for all as Ron, Alexander and Richard continue the struggle to get our webcams to work on the new Infuse Internet server. We offer our apologies to the many Guernsey webcam fans in the island and around the world, we are truly sorry but as the headline says -IT ISN'T OUR FAULT

6TH May 2012 Despite the best efforts of Ron, Alexander and Richard not all the Nest webcams are working. We continue to do our best but the job is very time consuming and of course when one makes changes things never go that well. Sad to report that it seems unlikely that we will have reliable webcams in operation to show off Liberation Day. We are also very sorry that the Garenne Stand camera failed, thus preventing those unable to attend in person to watch via the webcam one of the most important sporting events in the Channel Islands calendar, the Siam Cup - as we said before none of this is our fault but due to changes made by the company that hosts the website. Seems like the long weekend away from work was just a distant dream.

3rd May 2012 What happened to our website and the famous webcam site? Where to even begin.... once upon a time, we had an ISP that looked after our needs here in Guernsey. We had dial up. Life was simple. Problems were quickly fixed by local Guernsey folk that were quite literally just down the road. You knew the people personally, you might even meet them in the street and have friendly conversations about business and the fast pace of life now that the signaling flags had been upgraded to a carbon granuled telephone.

But that was only the start, first the company grew and grew until others noticed them, soon they wanted to buy the company but run them from another country. No longer did you know the people behind these companies that were now running what was previously a local company providing a local service. Then that company got took over and each iteration of company takeover removed the client ever further and further from the core individuals who were running the day to day business. No longer did they care about you. You were not known to them, they would pass you by in the street.

Then one day they decided to sell off their website hosting service to a much better provider, one who would serve our needs so much better. Did they ask us what we wanted? Did they canvas our opinion? Of course not. They already knew what was best for us. The decision had already been made on our behalf for they knew much better than us how we should run a business.

Then the first company talked to the new company taking over all these services and said here you are, this is everyone we know about, it's probably not a complete list, we don't even know who any of these businesses are, but they are apparently our clients and are paying us money every year, so must be of value to someone. Treat them well. We never hear from them, so they must be happy with our services since we have moved to our new call centre and support system that we forgot to tell them about. Well, we did, but we got the details wrong in our email. But we corrected those details on our website so everything is fine. For after all we know how to communicate, we are an ISP. It's our core business.

Then suddenly we lost our website. It was gone. Our business suffered, you, our loyal web surfer suffered. Where were the cameras? All wiped. Gone. Deleted and with no backup made by any of the companies along the chain. Oh, WE had a backup of course. Well, you never know when disaster may strike. But you always hope it won't be needed.

However, due to communication problems, like trying to get hold of the right people and trying to get something done all takes time, our website was offline. We had been allocated a brand new and very shiny powerful new server, but we couldn't access it. Then we were told they had a very recent backup, from December 9th! So for a couple of days our website appeared to have entered a time hole and popped out back in December 2011.

But due to our foresight we had a backup and restored the website itself. We now have full access to the server and have been able to restore the whole site from our most recent backup from one we made about an hour before it all died. We now only have the cameras to upgrade. The cameras are still trying to connect to the old site. But as that is now in a skip somewhere, then those cameras will not update the site. But we are working as fast as we can, visiting each site and updating them all.As it will take around 2hours to reconfigure each camera that is the nice long weekend we had looked forward to for so long gone.

The moral is, always make a backup of your important systems data. But more importantly do a test of that system. Delete something important and see if you can restore it, for a backup without a test restore is a backup that could be saving data into a huge big blackhole.

However, next time, it would have been better to have been warned that everything was going to be deleted by our service provider. Perhaps a little warning might have been nice? But then, you can't have everything.

In our case, without that backup, we would have had nothing. Therefore our thanks go to the IT Support team that has brought this all back to life again. Ron Touw in the UK, Alexander Bird in Guernsey and Richard Bird for doing an impression of a headless chicken and ranting and raving down the phone at people to get things shifted a lot faster than they would have done if we had all done nothing.

29th April 2012 Guernsey suffered an island wide power cut this evening when the link with Jersey failed. Power went off at around 1850 and for most people was restored by 1930. During the outage the Nest back up power supply kept the system operational for a while but ultimately it stopped and a number of webcams glitched - these will be attended to over the coming week.

29th April 2012 Our webcam sited at the Imperial Hotel has been repaired after failing a week or so ago

24th April 2012 QE2, Salerie and Les Banques hotspot have been refurbished with the latest equipment. Three antennas and a new AP unit now serve the area giving coverage from the Roundabout to Red Lion. User reports are welcome by email to nest@guernsey.net

20th April 2012 Two new cameras have been recently installed. Thanks to a private householder at the west end of the runway and to Aurginy for a feed from the camera in their office.

11th April 2012 The internet service at the Garenne Stand fails everyday and that affects our camera. Nest has no control over the internet on this site and whilst we wait for their IT people to fix the problem we have installed a unit to reboot their ADSL modem every few hours as a temporary fix.

10th April 2012 A fault has occurred on the service around the QE2 marina area. It is running on a temporary system using one of the sectored aerials pointing South. New equipment is being programmed to replace the faulty items.

5th April 2012 The latest NEST Webcam has been established at Elizabeth College giving stunning view of St James Concert hall and the islands of Herm. Jethou and Sark in the distance.

29th March 2012 This evening we noted that the Fort Grey camera image was replaced with the Harbour camera. We are investigating why.

29th March 2012 Due to failures with the internet system at the Garenne Stand we loose the camera of the sports field until it is re powered. This is a matter out of our control but we hope their technical people can solve the issue

24th March 2012 Guernsey's first sports webcam was established today at Footes lane sports ground to capture the match between Guernsey Football Club and Bedfont Sports. The camera has been setup in the main stadium the Garenne Stand and whilst not a perfect position it is the only place we could find that was not blocked by a lighting tower or something similar. Combine the image of the sports camera and the commentary of BBC Guernsey will provide an idea of the atmosphere - but to get the best results be on site and watch it live from the touch lines or the a seat in the stand. Oh and don't forget to left click on the image for 1 second updates.

24th March 2012 The faulty camera at The Imperial on Guernsey's west coast has been repaired. The fault was an intermittent problem with the internet in the area - we feel we may be called back to this one again as the problem seems to come and go.

5th March 2012 Nest webcam network has expanded with the addition of another camera at the harbour terminal. This is a temporary fitting and we are looking for a better location

23rd February 2012 The Live Weather page is not operating. This is not a Nest service, we simply supply a link to the third party operator. We have no information as to the problem but due to the popularity of the site we hope it is restored soon.

21st February 2012 Some Infuse Internet customers have found their web sites off line today, Nest included. The full details are not know and it has proved difficult to make contact with Infuse. We had an email response late today explaining they had problem with their server(s). Infuse is the company that took over the service from Wave Telecom that had previously been run by Guernsey Net formally ICC Net.

17th February 2012 A new power supply has been fitted to the webcam at Victoria Marina and it is now operating again. However the backup system that supplies power to the unit out of hours needs further work, until that is completed the webcam will only be online during normal working hours.

15th February 2012 The webcam showing the view of Victoria marina is off line and we shall attend to it as soon as time allows.

4th February 2012 Some parts of the Guernsey were thrown into darkness yesterday evening when then island experienced a powercut. Little information is available as to the extend and the cause. From our initial tests most Nest areas appear to be working although there is an issue with one webcam. Further testing is planned for today.

16th January 2012 A replacement camera has now been established at the Market, St Peter Port to replace the Ice-Rink camera, to view go to nest.gg/webcams/webcam.html Thanks to the help from Bailiwick Estates, Gallery Magazine, Edgetech and Vision Networks.

13th January 2012 Most of the upgrade has been completed at the QE2 and we just have some minor tweaking of the system to finalise the work. Reports of how the new aerials perform will be welcome by email to nest@guernsey.net

12th January 2012 We will be taking advantage of this short break in the weather to change the wireless aerials at the QE2 and at Salerie today. Therefore there is likely to be some disruption to the service in these locations.

9th January 2012 21:30 The work done to the NEST central payments server has been completed ahead of schedule. We are now starting to observe that users are logging in successfully. If you have any problems, do please report them to us.

9th January 2012 The Nest central payments server will be offline until tomorrow morning for urgent maintenance. Most users will be unaffected however new users will not be able to make payments nor will existing users be able to top up their account. There will also be some minor and temporary disconnections of service for some users while we switch over to backup systems.

6th January 2012 The temporary Ice Rink camera at The Market is now offline. Whilst the ice rink has been dismantled we hope to reinstall another camera offering a similar view of the market area possibly by the end of next week. This is rapidly becoming the centre point of the town of St Peter Port and will show off the island's expanding outdoor cafe culture to it's best.

20th December 2011 An additional temporary system has been installed serving the QE2 area until such time as the weather improves and we can make a longterm fix.

13th December 2011 We spoke too soon! We have received reports from some customers in the QE2 and Salerie areas that they are having poor and/or intermittent connectivity. Engineers spent the majority of this afternoon attempting to locate the problem. However we have yet to identify the exact cause. Each time our engineers believe they have proved that an electronic part is creating the intermittent fault, it is changed for a new one, only to find it makes no difference! We will continue to investigate further tomorrow.

11th December 2011 At 1800 we restored normal service. The maintenance work was completely successfully by 1800 as predicted and tests show everything is working fine.

11th December 2011 We have had to undertake some urgent maintenance on our central server at our Data Centre. We apologise in advance for the lack of notice, but a problem has just been identified that cannot be left any longer to fix. This will affect some users' ability to logon and to take payments. We expect to have normal service restored by 1800 tonight. We again apologise for the late notice.

10th December 2011 The island has a special Ice rink setup for the Christmas periods and Nest has with the aid of local companies Petes' Electrics, Vision Networks (who supplied the camera) AlexNet and Ron our IT consultant established a camera to view the ice rink. You can watch this from any Internet connection just go to www.nest.gg/webcams/webcam.html and for a 1 second update left click on the picture.

6th December 2011 Guernsey Net who host our websites had a server failure this morning at 0743. They are still working on the fault, however in the interim the site is being hosted by another ISP

6th December 2011 The NEST network is experiencing some glitches which include our webcams, our engineers are working on the problem.

23rdNovember 2011 Another new webcam is in operation. This one is on the west side of the island with a view of Fort Grey or Cup and Saucer as it is known locally. The same 'castle' can be seen in the distance from the Imperial Hotel webcam.

10th November 2011 Cable and Wireless (Sure) have problem with their internet service including emails. We don't have any further details as yet but if we find out they will be posted on this page.

9thNovember 2011 Cable and Wireless (Sure) have had email problems all day. They restored the service by 10pm.

2nd November 2011 Due to logistical problems the camera on trial at the Careening Hard has had to be moved and now gives a different view.

1st November 2011 The new camera at the Careening Hard, St Peter Port is up and running, however it appears to have been knocked and is out of focus and at a bit of a funny angle - we shall attend to it as soon as time allows.

26th October 2011 Work is currently underway at one of our camera sites in St Peter Port to introduce a new camera with a view of the Careening Hard. During this period 'The Front' camera will be off line for some periods.

26th October 2011 Late PM - The Front Webcam is now fully operational following repair to the camera PSU.

26th October 2011 We have received reports that 'The Front' webcam is frozen with a night time shot and are investigating.

22nd October 2011 The Nest network currently has a problem which is producing different effects to different sites, some users are connecting fine, others cannot. We are working with our service provider to get this resolved as quickly as possible.
Further to this - the problem would appear to be with the link between Jersey and the UK. We are now starting to see the link becoming more stable and all our sites have returned to normal service again. However we will continue to monitor the situation and update you if there any further problems.

6th October 2011 Following the island wide internet upgrade we have been able to increase the refresh rates of our webcams. So far the following have been reprogrammed: The Bridge St Sampson, St Sampson number 2 cam, QE2, and The Front. We hope to improve the other cameras as soon as possible. The refresh rates have been speeded up from every 15 seconds to every three seconds.

28th September 2011 Jersey and Guernsey have been hit by a second power cut in as many days. Not many details available at present except the first outage was around 2000hrs and the second just before 2100hrs. Seems like we will have a busy day tomorrow.

27th September 2011 Two of Nest Wireless Webcams have failed following the island wide power cut. They are now all fully operational as of 1600hrs.

26th September 2011 The islands suffered a serious power cut yesterday evening. At around 1925 the power link from France to Jersey failed and thus Guernsey too lost power (Guernsey takes it's power form Jersey although can generate it's own electricity if needed). Some parts of Guernsey were restored by 2000hrs, however the odd power cut still followed and some areas in Jersey and Guernsey were without power for 7 hours. We have been lucky that our backup systems have worked well and very few parts of our network have failed, we are now working on restoring those.

25th September 2011 Even though it is a day of rest we are out and about repairing the Imperial webcam. Fingers crossed all is now well.

23rd September 2011 We have just been advised that the Imperial camera is offline. We will try and get it fixed asap.

23rd September 2011 Do you have an interesting view from your property in the Island?, One that would suit a webcam? If so Nest have a few cameras available for the right location. There is no capital cost to you as we supply the camera and do all the setting up, all we need is easy access to a broadband connection. The numbers are limited so first come first served - interested? please email nest@guernsey.net with your details.

23rd September 2011 Vision Networks have kindly put together a compilation of Nest webcams all on one page - http://www.cctv.gg/open_cams/nestwebcamquad.htm

15th September 2011 the Donkey on the Bridge St Sampson has now left to be auctioned off for charity. We hope that something else will be found to fill the space as Nest believe it adds interest to the area.

6th September 2011 We are pleased to report that the Donkey has been to the vets and is now fully recovered and back in his position on the Bridge.

30th August 2011 Vandals have removed the Donkey from it's position at St Sampson and thrown him into the harbour. We hope he will soon be recovered and replaced in his rightful place as we don't know how well donkeys can swim!

12th July 2011 A new web cam has been setup on The Bridge to allow viewing of the Donkey sculpture. The Donkey has been named Don Quixote and more details of the project can be found here: http://www.guernseydonkeys.com/ to find out more about Ray and Scott go here http://www.rayandscott.com/

17th June 2011th June 2011 A number of Nest webcams have gone off-line. Our engineers are looking at the problem which affects Victoria Marina Webcam and QE2 Marina Webcam.

14th June 2011 The Imperial Hotel is the latest place to have a Nest Webcam fitted. The view is of the Coast Rd on the west side of the island showing Fort Grey in the distance, also known as the Cup and saucer. The site is still undergoing tests and feedback is welcome by email to nest@guernsey.net

10th May 2011 Another Webcam is undergoing tests. The view is along the front of the town towards the Albert pier. Look for the camera called The Front.

5th May 2011 A new webcam overlooking the Victoria marina in town is undergoing tests. This will be of great interest to boating visitors to the island as the view shows the main harbour and visitors marina

19th February 2011 Our monitoring system alerted us to a problem with our Victoria located Hotspot. It had switched to a backup system automatically. Primary system rebooted and all is well again.

31st January 2011 Parts replaced at St Sampson and the system was back up and running later in the afternoon

31st January 2011 St Sampson Nest is currently off line.

26th January 2011 The island wide upgrade to 8MB has now been completed, however many customers are finding their speeds are now generally lower than before. We understand there is more work required to improve the network which may be completed by the end of the 2011

14th January 2011 An upgrade to the broadband infrastructure was conducted in the St Sampson area this morning which resulted in the Nest St Sampson wifi service being off line until repaired this afternoon.

13th January 2011 The ISP's in Guernsey are due to upgrade the internet speed to 8Mb for fixed line subscribers in the week 10/1/11 - 15/1/11.

18th December 2010 Our London Hotspot serving the Middlesex Estate is now back on line. Our engineers were delayed due to the extreme weather having closed the M40 and M4 today. We have identified the problem and rectified the cause. Although the electricians had renewed the cabling and installed new sockets, they had failed to plug the hotspot back into the mains socket! We apologise for this hotspot location being being offline for so long and any users inconvenienced may contact us for a credit.

17th December 2010 Our London Hotspot serving the Middlesex Estate is still offline. We again apologise for this outage. The electricians assure us that the electrical work has been completed and power is restored. However, it clearly isn't as the hotspot is still not operating. We will continue to investigate.

15th December 2010 Our London Hotspot serving the Middlesex Estate is currently offline due to electrical work being carried out by the building's owners. We apologise for this outage. The downtime should only have been for a few hours however it appears there is a problem which the electrical contractor estimates will not be repaired until the 17th.

30th November 2010 Mare de Carteret area wifi zone has now completed testing and is fully operational.

9th November 2010 Jersey Telecom are experiencing server problems which affect Wave, Jersey Telecom and Guernsey Net customers, they hope the outage will be solved by the end of the day

19th October 2010 22:30pm We are pleased to report that BT Openreach have made repairs to the cable. Normal service has now been resumed.

19th October 2010 14:30pm Update on Middlesex Street. Further testing has shown the replacement equipment has not had any effect. The fault has now been determined to be with the telephone supplier, Openreach (BT). We have been advised that the outage was unintentional and affects many dozens of properties in the area. Openreach has advised us that repairs to the damaged cable will be carried within 24 hours. Although this is clearly outside of our control, we once again apologise for this loss of service to the Middlesex Street area.

19th October 2010 03:30am Update on Middlesex Street. We have now concluded our initial investigations and have determined equipment failure. Spares are enroute to site, however it is not envisaged that repairs can be carried until midday. We once again apologise for this loss of service.

18th October 2010 We have detected that there is a problem with our Wireless Internet service at Middlesex Street. It appears to have failed at 9pm. We are currently investigating the reason for this. We apologise for this system failure and hope to have it back up and running as soon as possible.

9th October 2010 Both webcams have now been 100% solid and reliable. We are now programming some more for other locations around the island. Please contact us with suggestions of sites!

21st September 2010 Long term solution to the two webcams has been developed. It has been a week and so far, they are now 100% reliable.

16th September 2010 QE2 webcam fixed, now St Sampson has failed! We are looking at a long term fix.

2nd September 2010 St Sampson web cam all repaired and now the QE2 has gone faulty. We are currently working on the problem.

25th August 2010 A new and improved web cam is being installed at St Sampson, until the task is completed the Webcam service is off line.

5th August 2010 The QE2, Victoria & Albert Marina wireless systems are currently undergoing urgent maintenance work today. There will be minor interruptions throughout the afternoon. We apologise for the late notice, but this work is required to be done to maintain service and was not planned.

4th August 2010 The annoyances of PayPal continues. They have now removed the ability to make a payment without having a PayPal account. We believe this is a bug rather than a change of policy and have therefore raised a support ticket with PayPal.

28th July 2010 The camera at St Sampson has been repaired and is now providing a live update of life on 'The Bridge'

26th July 2010 St Sampson IP camera is faulty and currently shows a night time image from a few days ago. Our IP camera engineer is due in the island on Thursday 29/7/10 to repair the camera.

19th July 2010 The new QE2 IP camera is now operational.

16th July 2010 A new camera is being installed at QE2 to replace the faulty unit. Until the job is completed the IP camera for QE2 will remain off line.

9th July 2010 St Sampson has now been repaired. We are testing the system and so far all is looking good.

6th July 2010 The parts to repair St Sampson are delayed and we don't expect to be operating at full performance before the end of the month. Users of St Sampson will be able to use a reduced coverage service on The Bridge and a full service in all other Nest zones.

2nd July 2010 A replacement antenna is on order for St Sampson and until it arrives and is fitted the area will be operating on reduced power.

1st July 2010 One of our antennae at our St Sampson node has been reported as not working at the moment. Engineers have been dispatched and will investigate what has failed. We apologise to our customers for not having spotted this problem earlier.

30th June 2010 QE2 webcam is back in action. Having established that this camera has become an asset to the island and in particular the boating community we intend to upgrade the camera to a higher quality unit.

22nd June 2010 The web camera showing the QE2 marina is out of action and is currently broadcasting a static view from 20th June.

21st June 2010 An upgrade to the QE2 and Salerie sites failed and was restored to the original configuration. Service was disrupted between 1215 and 1235.

16th May 2010 The upgrade work is now complete at our London based Hotspot.

15th May 2010 Due to ever increasing demands placed upon our London based Hotspot service, one of our engineers is on site this weekend to upgrade and make improvements to that service. However this work may cause some disruption for which we apologise.

15th April 2010 Cable & Wireless encountered problems with the island internet service this morning which led to all providers loosing their internet feed, Nest Wireless included. We apologise for the outage but once again this was a fault that was out of our control. Service re-established at 0950

13th April 2010 Guernsey experienced a complete internet outage this morning which included the Nest Wireless network. We are awaiting full details of the problem but we do know it was out of our control as C&W provide the link to the outside world. Service re-established at 0930

9th April 2010 A new Nest Wireless hotspot that will serve the Victoria Marina and Albert Marina is now undergoing tests.

6th April 2010 Our engineer reports they identified the problem at our Vale site and have rectified it. Apologies for any inconvenience.

5th April 2010 We are experiencing intermittent problems with our service at our Vale site. Engineers are currently working on the problem.

20th March 2010 The following message received from Guernsey Net:
Please be advised that Wave Telecom will be upgrading Newtel Guernsey Broadband Service on Thursday 25th March. Customers will experience a short break in service during the planned works window. The work is scheduled to commence at 06.00am and end at 06.30am, The maximum time that the service will be impacted is 20 minutes within the planned works window.

16th March 2010 Cable and Wireless currently have a broadband problem. We don't yet know the exact details nor how it will affect our customers as we are awaiting further information from C&W (Sure)

17th February 2010 A power cut occurred around Noon in the North of Guernsey with power being restored around 1500hrs. The St Sampson and Vale 1 Nest service may have lost service for a short while.

10th February 2010 Sure / Cable & Wireless will be carrying out Emergency Maintenance to the Newtel Guernsey Broadband Service on Friday 19th February.
The work is scheduled to commence at 00.00am and end at 3.00am, The maximum time that the service will be impacted is 3 hours within the planned works window.

2nd February 2010 17:52 C&W / Sure are experiencing some issues.
This appears to be caused by problems in their exchange.
Engineers are working on the issue and hope to have resolution shortly. (Note resolved later same evening)

20th January 2010 Cable and Wireless have advised Nest that on Friday the 22nd of January between 12am and 6am routine maintenance will be carried out on their broadband network. This will result in an outage which will affect approximately 2000 customers.

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