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We are now able to offer some new and exciting opportunities for companies to promote their services and products on our websites. The interesting and varied mix of websites allow for specific targeted advertising thus making the best use of your budget.  Most advertising mediums appeal to a vast and varied  audience base, many of whom may have little interest in your advert.  But Nest allows you to target just those who could most benefit from your service. All of our rates are low because the revenue is used to help provide these free services to the community.


Nest Webcam site  

This is the most popular website in the island.  To date visited by over two and a half million people it generates around 1,700 viewers each day.  Many of those are from the UK, Jersey, France and Germany, not forgetting Guernsey viewers who too love the site. Banner advertising is available under each webcam or PopUp and can be full or half width.  Choose the camera that you think best suits your company and if it hasn't already been taken it is yours. Rates start as low as £50, various options are available and we are open to other ideas.  Please email Nest for more details.

Nest Home page

Often the first page a viewer will visit before clicking on the webcam link. This attracts those looking for wifi services and is also used as a portal for the yachting fraternity giving easy access to tides, weather and other information even a non boating visitor would find useful.  Banner advertsing and other concepts considered, with rates as low as £50 per year it is worth an email to us to find out more.  

Nest Wifi Welcome page

Click Here To View a snapshot of the Victoria Marina Page

Nest operate wireless internet services in the town marinas and other locations around the island.  A valuable resource for targeted advertising.  For example the wifi hotspot in the Victoria marina in St Peter Port is the home to visiting yachtsmen, some 24,000 visited Guernsey last year and this site will be the first they see when connecting up to a Nest internet service.  First come first served on this Welcome page as space is limited.  Email Nest for rates and to discuss other ideas you may have.